Disc Brake Rotor Buying Guide

One of the best and most effective upgrades you can make to your bike is by changing your disc brake rotors, as this has the biggest influence on changing your brakes performance. We offer several different brake rotor options for various rider types and disciplines, each with their own benefits which we'll cover below. 

When should you get new disc brake rotors?
If used correctly, disc brake rotors typically have a long life expectancy, but over time they will gradually wear with use. Most manufacturers will quote a minimum wear thickness, with different brands having different thicknesses so best to check, but if the rotor starts out at 1.8mm thickness when new for example, the minimum thickness may be around 1.5mm, at which point it's time to retire them and swap out for new rotors. If the rotor has been crashed, or has become badly bent beyond the point of straightening, or gotten too hot where the brake band surface has darkened to a blue/black colour due to excessive braking, then again it’s time to swap them out. It can also be a case of simply wanting to upgrade your disc brake rotors for a performance advantage, or to add a custom look to your bike.

Rotor size, Bigger Better?
Upscaling to larger disc brake rotors will improve heat management, as the increase in the braking surface allows for more efficient heat dissipation. The more effectively you are able to control the brakes temperature, the better your brakes will perform, plus the larger rotor diameter will provide an increase in brake leverage, which in turn increases brake power. If you are a larger rider, or have a heavier bike such as an E-bike, or are riding more technical and extended descent runs, then increasing your rotor size to the next size up will see around a 10% increase in brake power.

Steel Vs Floating Disc Brake Rotors
Steel disc brake rotors are more cost effective to produce as they are cut from a single piece of steel, and work perfectly well in use, but if they are subject to excessive heat build up due to extended/hard braking, then they are less efficient at dissipating heat which can result in brake fade. Floating rotors are more expensive to produce due the the addition of the alloy carrier and joining rivets. Floating disc brake rotors are typically lighter than steel rotors of the same size due to the use of lightweight alloy on the central carrier. They offer additional strength, dissipate heat and run cooler which provides a more consistent brake performance which will help to prevent brake fade under harder braking conditions. 

Disc Brake Pads
To achieve the best braking results and performance from your new rotor, we recommend the installation of new disc brake pads to ensure even rotor wear without causing damage as a result of uneven/worn disc pads.

Our disc brake rotors use a 6 bolt fitment to secure onto the hub, but we also offer center lock adapters which allow fitment of our rotors onto center lock hubs too. Our rotor range 
can be used on MTB / E-MTB / Road / Gravel & CX bikes. 

Uberbike Flatout XL Disc Brake Rotor

Thanks to it's two piece design, the Flatout XL is a high performance disc brake rotor, that due to it's stainless steel brake band and lightweight alloy carrier, can effectively dissipate heat, therefore minimising brake fade whilst resisting warping under high temperatures. The joining rivets that hold the brake band to the alloy carrier have been designed to sit flush with the rest of the rotor to prevent any clearance issues from arising. The braking surface features multiple elongated cutouts which allow dirt, mud, and water to be quickly shed from the rotor and disc pads, as well as providing even pad wear and improving pad life. We've added handy wear indicators on the brake band, letting you know when it's finally time to replace them.

Available in 6 bolt 180mm and 203mm sizes and 7 anodised colour options.

Weight from 150g (180mm).

View the Uberbike Flatout XL Disc Brake Rotors HERE

Uberbike Radiator Disc Brake Rotor

This rotor is well suited for demanding riders looking for the highest levels of heat dissipation combined with excellent durability and performance levels, and is an excellent choice for progressive riding styles, with bikes such as E-Bike's, Enduro, Downhill benefiting from this rotors additional heat dissipation benefits and performance advantages, as well as other bike types. We have selected to use alloy heat dissipation fins which fit into the brake band, which transfers the heat build up away from the brake band under hard braking, resulting in a rotor that not only cools faster, but helps reduce brake temperatures by up to 30%. The reduced heat resulting in less brake fade and a more consistent and balanced brake performance with extended pad life.

Available in 6 bolt 180mm and 203mm sizes and 7 anodised colour options.

Weight from 150g (180mm).

View the Uberbike Radiator Disc brake Rotors HERE

Uberbike E-Matrix Disc Brake Rotor

Stepping up from the 203mm rotors, these supersize 220mm disc brake rotors are finding their way onto E-bikes as well as the Downhill circuit. At 220mm, expect to see around a 10% increase in braking power over a 203mm rotor when using the same level of brake lever force. With a 2mm thick brake band, the rotor is able to dissipate heat more efficiently under braking, maintaining a consistent brake feel under hard braking whilst providing the additional strength and rigidity that a larger rotor needs, although the brake caliper will need to be more precisely aligned when installing new disc brake pads to minimise brake rub due to the slightly thicker brake band this rotor uses.

Available in 6 bolt 220mm size.

Weight 202g.

View the Uberbike E-Matrix Disc Brake Rotor HERE


Uberbike Matrix 1-Piece Disc Brake Rotor

This rotor design offers the perfect blend between performance and cost, sharing the same SUS410 stainless material which is used on our Flatout XL and Radiator disc brake rotors. We use this for its excellent strength, weight, and thermal management properties that it offers. The braking surface features a vented/drilled design to allow dirt, mud, and water to be quickly shed from the rotor and disc pads, as well as providing even pad wear and improving pad life. If your riding style, or where you ride involves extended periods of more aggressive braking, our floating rotor designs such as the Flatout XL and Radiator may be more suited.

Available in 6 bolt 160mm, 180mm and 203mm size options.

Weight from 112g (160mm).

View the Uberbike Matrix 1-Piece Disc Brake Rotors HERE

Uberbike Turbine 1-Piece Disc Brake Rotor

As with the above disc brake rotor, the Turbine again offers both excellent value and performance in an attractive rotor design.

The braking surface on this rotor design features elongated cutouts, which not only allows dirt, mud, and water to be quickly shed from the rotor and disc pads, it provides a smooth and even brake feel, as well as providing even pad wear and improving pad life. Taken from our Flatout XL rotor, we've added the same handy wear indicators on the brake band, letting you know when it's finally time to replace them.

Available in 6 bolt 180mm (203mm coming soon).

Weight 150g (180mm).

View the Uberbike Turbine 1-Piece Disc Brake Rotors HERE

Center Lock Adapters

The hub type fitted to your bike determines whether you need a 6 bolt or center lock disc brake rotor. 6 bolt hubs are the most commonly found and as the name suggests, uses 6 x torx bolts to secure the rotor onto the hub. Center lock hubs have a spline on which a centerlock disc brake rotor fits onto, and is secured by a locking ring. 

If you have center lock hubs and wish to fit one of our disc brake rotors, you can by using our center lock adapters. These are quick and easy to install by using a Shimano Hollowtech II bottom bracket tool to tighten the lockring onto the hub.

To ensure your rotors stays secure, our lockring features anti slip serrations, plus a steel anti shake spring plate, with the whole center lock adapter weighing in at only 27g.

View the Uberbike Center Lock Adapters HERE

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