Uberbike Hydraulic Fitment and Installation Guide

With the ever increasing range of disc brake systems available, selecting the correct hydraulic brake hose can be a confusing and difficult choice. We have designed the Uberbike Hydraulic Brake Hose Systems to be compatible with most popular disc brake systems on the market today, using either dot fluid or mineral oil, with 3 different outer housings to choose from - Kevlar, Kevlar Braid, and Stainless Steel Braid. With it’s strong but flexible hose, the kit not only improves brake performance, but with 9 finish options to choose from, allows you to improve the brakes aesthetics for that custom look and finish. Each kit comes supplied with the fittings and hose for both front and rear brakes. 

We've identified the most popular brake systems and fitment types in the chart below, but if you are unable to find your brake system listed, simply contact us and we will be able to advise you on this. Once you've found your brake from the list below, use our colour key for the hydraulic fitting types you'll be using from our universal fitting kit.

Our full range of hydraulic brake hose kits and spares can be viewed HERE
Magura Fitment
This configuration is compatible with the Magura MT series disc brake systems, and uses Magura specific straight connectors for the brake lever, as well as the Banjo bolt for the caliper.
Formula Fitment 
This setup type is used for the Formula Cura 2 Piston, Mega, The One, R1. RX, RO, T1 brake systems, and uses a Formula  specific straight connector for the brake lever.
 SRAM / Shimano / Tektro / TRP / Hayes Fitment 
This is one of the most commonly used setups, with manufacturers such as SRAM, Shimano, Tektro, TRP, and Hayes using this fitment type in the majority of their brake systems, which uses the straight compression fitting for the lever, with the standard banjo setup from the kit. 
SRAM / Shimano Version 2 Fitment
Another popular brake setup which SRAM and Shimano brake systems use, with the straight compression fitting used for both the lever and caliper end. Note - If no olive/insert is used on the original brake hose at the caliper end, then use the straight bolt connector/washer instead of the straight compression connector.
 Hope Fitment
This setup type is used for the Hope Mini, Mono Mini, Mono M4, V2, 6Ti, V4, and E4 brake systems, which uses a straight bolt connector for the brake lever with our standard banjo setup from the kit.
 Road / Gravel Fitment
With these brake types, it is only possible to use the fittings from the kit for the caliper end, as the lever fittings are not compatible with the levers / lever hoods. In this instance, the OEM olive and inserts must be used in conjunction, and are not supplied as part of the kit.
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