Which disc brake pad compound should I choose?

Which disc brake compound?

We offer 5 different compounds in our disc brake pads, each offering different levels of brake performance. Are you looking for performance or long life from your disc pads? Which compound is best suited for you? Click on the video link above or continue reading below for a description of each compound to help you select the right pad for your riding style and conditions.

Brake pad identification.

We carry a broad range of disc brake pad styles to suit multiple disc brake manufacturers, so before we get into the different pad compounds available below, it's important to establish which make and model of disc brake system you have for the correct replacement pads. With Shimano systems, the pads you need can be identified by the code found on the inside of the brake caliper, for example BR-M785. Searching M785 on our website will present you with the range of compatible pads for this brake model. Always go off the caliper code where possible, as XT brakes as an example are available in both 2 and 4 piston designs, so is easy to get your pad choice wrong if not 100%. Other brands will use markings on the brake calipers to help you determine the correct pads, displaying both the brand and the brake model, 'SRAM' as the brand, and  'CODE' as the brake model for example. We are here to help, so if you are still unsure you can always remove your existing disc brake pads from your caliper and email an image of these to sales@uberbikecomponents.com for us to identify for you. 

E Matrix-

E-Matrix disc brake pads are based around our hugely popular Race Matrix pad compound, but modified for even greater endurance, adding a unique blend of kevlar, ceramics, heat resistant resins and friction materials, which are able to withstand both the increased weight and speeds of E-Bikes and other high endurance riding styles, where high levels of brake power and temperature stability are essential. The E-Matrix compound boasts a strong bite response with an increase in both brake power and pad life, with a superior and strong, progressive feel throughout the braking range. It's also a rotor friendly compound, making it safe to use on all rotor types.


Race Matrix-

Race Matrix disc brake pads are a medium density compound that uses an Uberbike exclusive custom blend of friction materials, which provides a strong bite response with an increase in both brake power and pad life, with a strong, progressive feel throughout the braking range. The custom compound uses a unique blend of metals and friction materials, offering increased durability over standard organic based pads, whilst boasting one of the highest levels of stopping power in our range. It's also a rotor friendly compound, making it safe to use on all rotor types.

Where applicable (see product listing) the pads features our reduced thickness base plate, allowing for a 25% increase in compound thickness without altering the overall pad thickness. Not only does this extend pad life even further, but the thicker compound material is capable of absorbing more vibrations, which is the common cause of brake noise.


Kevlar -

Kevlar disc brake pads are designed as a race spec compound for riders who prefer the feel of organic pads, but require improved brake performance and extended pad life over standard organic pads. The softer makeup of this compound allows for a strong initial bite response from cold, together with a strong progressive feel throughout the braking range, the high strength kevlar and carbon fibres used to increase the compound's durability. It's also a rotor friendly compound, making it safe to use on all rotor types.



Semi Metallic

As the name suggests, our Semi Metallic disc brake pads use both metallic friction material with an organic compound to give a blend between standard organic pads and full metallic pads, and provides high power, consistent performance, quick bedding in time, and a strong initial bite response from cold, combined with a strong, progressive feel throughout the braking range, making this a good value all purpose pad suitable for a wide variety of riding styles. It's also a rotor friendly compound, making it safe to use on all rotor types.




Sintered -

This highly durable compound provides powerful braking, especially in abrasive weather conditions, and offers the highest level of longevity. Well suited for wet/gritty trail conditions when extended pad life and durability under the most demanding conditions is required.


In working closely with our long standing manufacturing partners, who also produce pads for the key brands of braking systems, we are able to offer superior quality, with increased performance and longevity due to our own custom friction material blends, this is in addition with our direct to consumer supply chain, saving you costly distributor and retailer markups.


With all of the disc brake pad compounds we produce, we only use the best state of the art testing facilities to bring the highest level of quality pads directly to yourselves. Here you can see a pair of our disc brake pads been being tested with a 60mph wheel speed and 60kg per wheel brake load applied with excellent results. This is way higher than is humanly possible for even the best of us. 



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