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Video - Uberbike 30mm Straight Pull and J-Bend Enduro / All Mountain MTB Boost Wheelset Overview

19 Oct 2022
In this short product video, we walk you through the features of the Uberbike 30mm Straight Pull and J-Bend Enduro / All Mountain MTB Boost Wheelsets.

Video - Uberbike MTB Lock On Grips and Glove Feature

17 Oct 2022
In our latest video, we take you through our current Uberbike lock-on grip range, showing you the different features and options available, and why grips are one of the cheapest and best upgrades you can do to your bike, plus an overview on the Uberbike Flatout MTB gloves.

Video - Tubleless Tyre Setup - Part 2

05 Oct 2022
In the second part of our tubeless setup video, we wrap up our tubeless conversion by adding the tyres and tyre sealant.

Video - Tubleless Tyre Setup - Part 1

29 Sep 2022
In this 2 part video, we show you step-by-step how to set set your wheels up for tubeless, using our rim tape, tubeless valves, and tyre sealant. In this first instalment we cover both the rim tape and tubeless valves.

Video - Uberbike MTB Hub Sound Test

16 Sep 2022
Here's a video showing the sound of our brand new Uberbike 6 pawl free hubs which we are using on our MTB wheel sets. This hub uses 120 points of engagement, with 6 pawls in a 3 + 3 configuration, and a 60 tooth drive ring, for a super fast pickup response and a great noise in use!

Video - Brand New Uberbike MTB / E-Bike Wheelset Range Is Here!

10 Sep 2022
After 2 and a half years, the Uberbike range of MTB and E-Bike wheel sets are finally ready, with more standards, plus road and gravel bike wheel sets arriving in 2023! Watch our latest video which covers the wheels and the new features we've added to them.

Video - How to Service the Uberbike Flatout Pedals

05 Sep 2022
If you own a set of of our Uberbike Flatout MTB pedals, then this service video is an essential watch for you!

Video - Uberbike Disc Brake Rotors - Product Range and Features

31 Aug 2022
In this video we take a look at the 5 different disc brake rotor designs that we offer, and walk through the features and benefits of each of them. If you are looking for new disc brake rotors, this is where you'll find them!

Video - Uberbike Hydraulic Brake Hose Kit Fitting Guide

23 Aug 2022
In this video, we go through the installation process of the Uberbike hydraulic brake hose kit in an easy to follow step by step guide, plus an overview of the different hose kits that we offer.

Video - Disc Brake Pad Compounds Explained And How To Choose The Correct Ones

19 Aug 2022
Our latest video guide walks you through the 5 different disc pad compounds that we offer - E-Matrix, Race Matrix, Sintered, Semi Metallic, and Kevlar, to help you make the best decision on pad type and compound for your riding style, bike type, and riding conditions, plus tips on how to correctly identify your pad make and model.
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