MBUK review our straight pull Enduro 30 Wheelset, read more.....

29 Feb 2024
When it was time for us to offer wheelsets, we knew they had to be something special to stand out from the crowd. After settling on rim profiles and materials, plus the best spokes and nipples for each wheel type, our attention then turned to the rear hub design. Over a 2-and-a-half-year period, we prototyped numerous versions of the hubs. Multiple bearing types, pawls, ratchet rings, freehubs, axles, and seals were trialed to make these as lightweight, but robust as possible, with maximum weatherproof protection to handle the demanding conditions of the UK's climate and beyond. We added a double-lipped seal on the non-drive side of the rear hub, as in earlier versions of the hub without this, we saw signs of water ingress which could prematurely wear the bearings. Once satisfied with this, we focussed on the front hub, and having experienced clearance issues over the years with some floating rotor and wheel brands, we introduced offset end caps which allow for greater rotor clearance against the fork's inner leg. Both front and rear hub internals are treated with a marine grade highly protective assembly oil before the wheels are finally hand-finished and checked before shipping to our customers.

In February 2023, MBUK Magazine featured our brand-new Enduro 30 straight pull wheelset stating that these were 'Wallet-friendly wheels for performance-seeking riders'. Fast forward a year, and the long-term test of this wheelset finally hit the shelves. We were pleased to see that the wheels were awarded an impressive 4.5-5 star rating with a conclusion that 'While they're stiff enough to inspire confidence and - combined with the sensible weight - to lend a keen feel when putting down power out of the saddle, they improved the ride quality of the hardtail we fitted them to. Not only did the bike feel considerably less harsh on longer rides, but we found it was more inclined to stay on-line across roots and in rocky chunder, too'

We continue to develop our wheelset range, and later in the year will be offering Mullet wheelset, adding centerlock hubs, and moving into gravel and road bike wheelsets.

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