Various Disc Brake Pads - No Packaging - Semi Metallic

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Uberbike Various Disc Brake Pads - No Packaging - Semi Metallic

Various Disc Brake Pads - No Packaging - Semi Metallic

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We have a selection of special offer disc brake pads that are no longer in their original pad packaging but are still new and unused. (backplate colours may vary)

Uberbike Semi Metallic Disc Brake Pad chart

Discover the optimal balance of performance with our Semi Metallic disc brake pads. By combining metallic friction material with an organic compound, these pads offer the best of both worlds.

Experience the power and consistency of metallic pads, along with a quick bedding-in time and strong initial bite response. With a progressive feel that spans the entire braking range, these pads are perfect for any riding style.

Suitable for all rotor types, our rotor-friendly compound ensures safe and efficient braking. Whether you're hitting the trails or cruising the streets, our Semi Metallic pads provide exceptional value and performance.

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Product Details

  • As the name suggests, our Semi Metallic disc brake pads use both metallic friction material with an organic compound to give a blend between standard organic pads and full metallic pads and provide high power, consistent performance, quick bedding in time, and a strong initial bite response from cold, combined with a strong, progressive feel throughout the braking range, making this a good value all purpose pad suitable for a wide variety of riding styles. It's also a rotor-friendly compound, making it safe to use on all rotor types.

  • In working closely with our long-standing manufacturing partners, who also produce pads for the key brands of braking systems, we can offer superior quality, with increased performance and longevity due to our custom friction material blends, this is in addition to our direct-to-consumer supply chain, saving you costly distributor and retailer markups.
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