Flatout MTB Platform Pedal

So pedals….. as a main contact point between the bike and it’s rider, it’s extremely important for the rider to feel not only comfortable but also confident while using the pedal.

It’s very important to say that with all different feet sizes and different riders liking different style and size pedals, it’s impossible to get one pedal that is right for everyone.

When Uberbike Components got in contact with us to try their new pedal, I was very intrigued as it was a slightly bigger pedal to what I’m used to, but it has a concave design to it which I’ve not come across or tried yet.


On nearly all flat pedals you have the pins to help with grip and keep your shoe/foot on the pedal.

With these pedals, you have a concave design so your foot goes into the pedal rather than just on a flat surface, because your foot is in the pedal it gives you more confidence when biking, especially in rough and tough terrain.

I feel like I have more control and confidence in the pedal due to the concave design, unlike a flat surface where you may run the risk of your foot slipping. I can trust that no matter what terrain I’m riding my foot is secure, which is a reason why this pedal is fantastic.


If you’re racing or facing tough conditions or terrain on your bike having that added confidence and trust in your pedal while feeling comfortable using them is a major plus.

As well as the new design away from the norm, they have also kept the pedal lightweight while being strong and all for an affordable price.

Well done Uberbike Components and big respect for sticking your neck out and trying something fairly different.

Click here to see and purchase the pedals.