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20 Oct 2014


Uberbike MTB/ROAD Gear Cable Set £20

Tested by Ben Horan, tester for The Bike List

Gear cables may not be the most exciting components, but they're essential if you want to enjoy your riding to the full. Poor gear shifting can change what should be a great ride into a nightmare outing with jumping gears or imprecise shifting, causing nothing but frustration. And if you live in the UK and are happy to venture out whatever the weather, mud is inevitable and as such it doesn't take long to end up with clogged cables causing you issues.

With an up-coming downhill trip to the Portes Du Soleil in the French Alp's on the horizon, I decided it was time for fresh gear cables, and Uberbike's set fitted the bill nicely.

The kit arrived well package, and included everything required for replacing both a front and rear gear cable; 3000mm of lightweight compression-less Kevlar reinforced outer housing with Uberbike logo, 2 x 2000mm pre-stretched PTFE slick stainless inner wires, 10 x custom sealed alloy ferrules with custom brass insert and seal washer, 2 x anodised alloy cable end caps and 2 x cable donut frame protectors.

Uberbike do provide the kit in two sizes; the difference being the length of outer cable; the 3000mm kit retailing at £23 or the 2200mm kit retailing at £20. The firm states that the kit is compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo for either road or MTB use. The great thing about this product, too, is the variety of colours it is produced in for blinging your ride; I went for lime green, but that won't suit everyone!

On removing the parts from the packaging, it was immediately obvious that all were well made; nothing felt flimsy, and the alloy ferrules were finished nicely with the Uberbike logo, as was the outer cable. Inside each ferrule is a small washer, designed to help keep out the dirt; on threading the inner cable through the ferrule, a neat seal was formed.

On my downhill bike, I ran one continuous length of outer cable from the shifter to the rear mech. In the past with cheaper cable sets, I have noticed drag on the cable when shifting, but not on this occasion with Uberbike's PTFE slick stainless inner wires combined with their outer cable with pre-lubed liner, shifting was smooth and precise working with my Shimano Saint components.

Once in the French Alps, the cable set was put through some tough paces on world class courses such as Le Pleney in Morzine. Conditions were of some of the wettest seasons in recent years, yet not once did the cables suffer clogging and therefore shifting stayed reliable and precise. Two months on and back in the UK, with no maintenance and many more rides in all UK conditions barring snow, Uberbike's cable set is still going strong and shifting precisely. Its quality is superb and price competitive; I would highly recommend it to anybody.

Uberbike also provide matching colours in hydraulic hose kits for your brakes which will aid in matching all of your cables up in the same colour; the only down fall for me was that they have yet to provide a hydraulic hose kit for Formula brakes..


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VerdictGood build quality, maintenance-free, and the guarantee of smooth, clag-free shifting. What’s not to like?
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