Product Close Up - Uberbike Flatout MTB Flat Pedals

29 Apr 2022

We designed the Uberbike Flatout pedal for those riders who seek a larger pedal platform combined with a concave feel for the ultimate traction and grip in all riding conditions, which would be suitable for all MTB riding styles and disciplines, including Enduro, All Mountain and Downhill.



Pedal Platform

Thinner, lighter pedals with a larger pedal platform are the go to choice for riders looking for a quality flat pedal design, as they offer an increase in ground clearance and feel more stable due to lowering the riders centre of gravity compared to taller pedals. The Uberbike Flatout pedal body is produced from tough extruded 6061 alloy, with a slim 17mm deep profile and a large 105x105mm platform. Because of the thinner body design, they can be made with bigger pedal platforms whilst still offering similar clearances of taller/smaller pedal designs, whilst increasing your shoe contact area for maximum control and support. 


Concave Design

The Flatout pedal offers plenty of concavity, with a scooped out axle to help keep your feet firmly planted under the most demanding trail conditions, using a staggered pin height to further add to the concave feel of the pedal, making it quick and easy to reset your foot back on the pedal in the correct position.

Pedal Pins

The Flatout pedal uses 12 replaceable pedal pins per side, using recessed pins close to the axle to further enhance the concave feel of the pedal and to achieve the ultimate level of traction and grip in all riding conditions. Over time, pedal pins will inevitably be subject to rock strikes and impacts. For this reason, we have chosen to top mount our pins, making it much easier to replace than bottom mounted pins, which can cause damage to the pedal body when trying to remove damaged or bent pins. 


Pedal Placement

An easily overlooked feature when choosing a pedal, but by fastening to the crank arms from the rear with an allen key fastener rather than using a traditional pedal spanner type fitment means we are able to get the pedal platform closer (but not too close) to the crank arms, improving pedalling efficiency and increasing ground clearance when cornering.


Pedal Internals and Servicing

The Flatout pedals spin on robust 4140 CroMo steel axles, which are paired with a high load DU bush and a sealed cartridge bearing, with a pedal shaft double lip seal seal to protect the pedal internals from dirt and moisture.

For when the time comes, we have everything you need to refresh your Uberbike Flatout pedals, from replacement pedals pins, axles, to a full service rebuild kit. 



Pedal Weight

The Flatout pedal measures a foot reasurring 105(L)x105(W)x17(D), but with the use of lightweight but strong 6061 alloy for the pedal body, we are able to keep the weight down to just 219g per pedal.


Colour Options

We offer the Flatout pedal in 8 durable colour finish options, which now includes Black, Orange, Red, Acid Green, Blue, Gunmetal Grey, Purple, and our latest Oil Slick finish.

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