New product feature - Polar-Tech Finned Disc Brake Pads.

03 Jul 2024

Have you been out on your bike and at the beginning of a ride your brakes feel good and strong, but as you get into more demanding riding and start to push on with long descents and hard braking, your brakes no longer have the power and feel like they first did? Then you’ve experienced brake fade! There are several reasons why brake fade can happen. Disc brake pad compounds have an optimal operating temperature where brake performance is at its highest. If you use the brakes so hard that the pad temperatures rise above this point, then braking performance will start to drop off. This can present itself in different ways depending on the compound used, but certain materials such as the resin in the pads friction material at these high temperatures can get to a point where they can start to melt. The friction material now acts as a lubricant. When you get to this stage, you will experience a big drop-off in your brake's performance. This is the cause of pad glazing.

Brake fluid temperatures in the calipers will also rise. If the fluid boils, this will produce air bubbles in the brake system. These bubbles will compress under braking, resulting in a lever feel that’s soft and spongy, and may even pull all the way to the bar, before you are able to stop.

Introducing the Polar-Tech finned disc brake pads! Our latest Polar-Tech 1 piece finned disc brake pads provide the highest level of heat dissipation and brake performance we've seen in a finned disc brake pad yet!

New Graphene-Tec Compound. Our latest compound offers levels of heat dissipation and braking power greater than ever, whilst creating a friction material structure that is reinforced enough to be able to withstand the most demanding riding conditions!

Reduced Levels of Copper. With this compound, we have been working towards reducing the amount of copper used, making this a more environmentally friendly selection. Copper is quite difficult to replace, as it contributes strongly towards heat dissipation, and also as an effective friction and lubrication material. We’ve achieved this without compromising on any of the brake performance by using higher percentages of Graphene, Kevlar, and Ceramics.

More Pad Friction Material. The backplates are CNC machined from hardened alloy, so they are very light yet very strong. Due to this strength feature, it has been possible for us to reduce the backplate thickness, which not only allows the backplates to dissipate heat even faster, it has allowed us to add additional thickness to the friction material, extending the longevity of the disc brake pads.

Larger Fins for Increased cooling. Disc brake rotors have a larger mass than the pads themselves, so they will absorb the majority of the heat under braking. The heat sinks on the fins have increased in size to further aid the efficiency of heat dissipation, thus increasing the pads modulation, feel, and overall performance, whilst keeping the brake fluid and rotor surface temperatures to a minimum.

Colour options. For the first time, we are able to offer the Polar-Tech pads in a range of colours, adding that custom upgrade look and feel to your bike.

Compatible with -

Shimano M9120 M8120 M8020 M7120 (4 piston).
Shimano SLX M7100 (2 Piston) M7000 M675 M666 Deore M6000 M615 M6100 XT M8100 (2 Piston) M8000 M785 XTR M9020 Trail M9100 M9000 M985.
Shimano GRX BR-810, BR-RX400, Tiagra BR-4770 105 R7020 BR7070 RS805 RS505 RS405 SLX M7100 Ultegra R8020 BR R8070 XT M8110 Dura-Ace R9170, R9120, BR9170 Flatmount Caliper systems.

SRAM Code - Code R - DB8 - Code Stealth Bronze/Ultimate/Silver, Code RSC, and Guide RE.

SRAM Red / Force / Rival / CX1 / 700 B1 HRD / Apex 1 Level Ultimate - Level TLM 2016-2020 with Monoblock Calipers.

Magura MT5 - CT5 - MT7 4 piston systems.

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