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Uberbike Avid BB5 Sintered Disc Brake Pads

Uberbike Avid BB5 Sintered Disc Brake Pads

Uberbike Avid BB5 Sintered Disc Brake Pads

SKU : UB-67S/UB-67S
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For use with Avid BB5 disc brake systems
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Sintered Pads

  • Compound density - Hard.

  • Hard compound provides higher friction braking than semi metallic, superior stopping power in all weather conditions, and longer pad life.

  • Uberbike pads are manufactured in the same factory as leading brands, and tested to the highest standards.

  • Recommended application - When performance braking, extended pad life, and durability under the most demanding conditions is required.

  • Supplied with Stainless Steel Springs.
Turns the BB5 into a whole different beast.
ReviewerAndrei / FromNetherlands
The Avid BB5 is a great entry level mechanical disc brake system, however, its major setback is the small pad surface area and this, coupled with the stock organic pads mean that on certain applications such as steep trail riding, the braking power leaves a lot to be desired. This problem gets worse when you throw in the dirt/mud that is often associated with some rougher trails. So enter the Uberbike Sintered Pads.Sintered pads generally provide better braking in harsh conditions and the Uberbike pads definitely live up to that. Once bedded in, the initial bite is stronger as compared to the stock organic pads. The pads also are unfazed by wet conditions noted in a recent ride in the wet where the stock organic pads failed to lock up the wheels while in similar conditions, the Uberbike sintered pads locked the wheels up with ease. The pads definitely changed the BB5 into a different beast.Organic pads are fine with consistent, dry conditions, but let's face it, your local trail will very likely be dry one day and wet on the other and sintered pads will keep stopping you no matter what the day is like.Uberbike has a very good product on offer as an upgrade to the BB5 with great service and price to match.
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