Uberbike Tubeless Conversion Kits, Rim Tapes, and Tubeless Valves

16 Apr 2022

Our Race Matrix tubeless conversion kit is available in a range of different rim tape width options to suit the various riding disciplines and rim size options available, and comes supplied with 500ml of sealant which offers excellent protection against punctures and air leaks, a pair of our CNC Airtech valves which feature an innovative 3 hole valve base for increased airflow and allows uninterrupted airflow during inflation when tubeless inserts are used, combined with our custom valve cap which acts not only a dust cap, but doubles as a valve core remover, handy when you want to quickly and easily top up your sealant on the fly. Wrapping our kit up is our brand new Race Matrix tubeless rim tape, creating an air tight seal with ease of fitment and strong adhesion to the rim, leaving no sticky residue. All the parts from our tubeless kit can be purchased seperately.





Race Matrix Tubeless Tyre Sealant

Our UK Made Race Matrix Tubeless Tyre Sealant comes in a handy 500ml bottle, which can fill up to 4 tyres. We’ve opted for a synthetic based formula as it’s co2 compatible, does not ball up so requires less frequent top ups, contains corrosion inhibitors and is non toxic. Added to the sealant are rubber and fibre particles which entwine together to produce a strong airtight seal which is allowed to flex and stretch, with nanotechnology clinging the sealant to the inside of the tyre, ensuring maximum puncture protection is maintained at all times.

Guideline quantity per tyre Road/Gravel - 40/60ml - 26' - 60/80ml - 27.5" - 80/100ml - 29' - 100/120ml - DH Tyres - 100/150ml - Fatbike - 200/250ml 





Race Matrix Rim Tape

Our rim tapes  are available in 4 popular width options, each creating an air tight seal with ease of fitment and strong adhesion to the rim, leaving no sticky residue once removed. The reduced thickness of the tape allows it to better contour the rim profile but still retains superior strength for high pressure applications, with its low friction surface finish helping tyre beads to pop into place easier during tyre installation. The 10m roll is enough for 4 29" wheels. Match the tape width with the internal width of your rim, using the next rim tape size up if you are unable to find the exact match. Use our general guide below to help choose your rim tape width.

Road/Gravel - 22mm wide x 10m - XC/Trail - 26mm wide x 10m - DH/Enduro - 30mm wide x 10m - DH/Enduro Wide/eMTB - 35mm wide x 10m

Before installing your new rim tape, ensure that you clean the inside of the rim thoroughly with Isopropyl Alcohol. Once dry, you can then start applying the tape, placing the first part of tape between the 1st and 2nd spoke hole next to the valve hole, going over and covering the valve hole first, before working around the rest of the rims circumference. The tubeless tape needs to be applied tight and evenly, pressing firmly into the rim bed, working out any air bubbles or creases as you go along to ensure an airtight seal. Finish the tape by overlapping 15cm and trim off neatly. Locate the valve hole in the rim. Make a small hole in the tubeless tape with a sharp, pointy object and install the tubeless valve into the rim.



Airtech CNC Alloy Tubeless Valves

Completing our tubeless conversion kit are our Airtech valves. We've added a custom valve base with 3 holes for increased airflow when using co2 and allows uninterrupted airflow during inflation when tyre inserts are used, which obstruct standard design valves. CNC'd from solid aluminium bar, making them stronger than standard valves, and improved material for the rubber base for better air sealing. There's now also a thicker rubber o-ring for better absorption of shock and improved valve seating on curved rims. Finishing the package is custom aluminium valve cap, which acts as both a valve cap and a valve core remover. Now available in 8 anodised finish options, including our new Oil Slick finish!




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